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Though small children have plenty of time on their hands they still must learn to wait. Nothing seems to put their little souls to the test more than having to delay something they want right now. A long road trip is especially hard for them to get their minds around and is usually repeatedly peppered with the question: “Are we there yet?” Actually, we never quite seem to grow up in this regard; patience with God’s pace is still an issue for me. 2 Peter 3:8 states: “do not forget this one thing, that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.” His timing is perfect so I must learn to not bail out before arrival. I must also resist the temptation to interpret delay as a sign God doesn’t want me to do something. Heavenly Father, teach me the difference between “No” and “Not Yet”. Grant me grace for the journey and help me not miss the lessons in the detours.
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The human instinct for harmony, symmetry, balance and rhythm is continually assaulted by the unpredictable anarchy that each new day brings. Striving to enter rest is the daily conundrum of the soul. It seems that most of my energy is exhausted in attempting to achieve what I must, only to find rest in abandoning my struggles to God. In Genesis 1 we find an answer to chaos: “The earth was without form, and void; and darkness was on the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.” The work of the Holy Spirit is precisely to bring order and truth out of chaos by leading us to still waters. FATHER, what sweet whisperings await the relinquished heart! LORD, arrest me; body, soul and spirit. Capture my heart and lock away my strivings. Teach me to succumb to Your promptings BEFORE running headlong into walls. Constrain me to “Come Unto” before I ”Go Therefore.” At Your feet is the better part.


We are bombarded with information in our modern culture. However, the intent behind information and the form of delivery is as important as the facts themselves. Scripture states: "Speak the truth in love." As light cuts through darkness, so truth cuts through deception. The simple reason we run from truth, hide the truth, bend the truth or even deny the truth is that truth is so powerfully efficient at cutting through all the nonsense; in one instant, rolling back years of falsehood. Yet, truth is useless unless delivered in love; like a glove without a hand inserted, truth cannot successfully operate apart from love. Truth originates and emanates from God so it must be embodied in His love. Heavenly Father, to walk in Your Truth is to walk in Your Love. Help me navigate the complexities of human weaknesses and find that perfect balance only You can supply.


Like most people, I enjoy a good mystery, but I really dislike not knowing how to figure something out. The exception is when it comes to divine mysteries. While I am still just as curious, years of practice have taught me that spiritual mysteries may only be understood as God unfolds them in His own timing and His way. And even then, there is always deeper truth imbedded that may only be discerned by divine revelation of His Word and Spirit; again, in His time and His way. Human formulas or deductive reasoning, no matter how brilliantly conceived, are useless in holy space. These mysteries may solely be revealed, not solved. Glorious God, High and Mighty One, forgive my earthly attempts to uncover what You have hidden. Grant me grace and good discernment for the journey as mysteries unfold.


Though I have never lived where it snows regularly, I’ve seen plenty of it in my travels. More times than I can remember I have been surprised to awake to a city blanketed with snow. Through the night millions of tiny flakes had fallen, quietly covering everything and silently transforming the cityscape while I slept undisturbed. Silent transformation also happens in my soul. Nagging hurts, troubling circumstances, catastrophic losses, even painful betrayals can be completely covered over by God’s love. The moment we surrender our anxieties to Him the Holy Spirit goes to work unannounced, quietly healing our hearts and blanketing over all remnants of former pain. Glorious God, I am eternally grateful for Your life-giving Love. Use me to share with others your comfort and freedom from sorrows.


The possibility of betrayal is always present in every act of trust except with God. Mention of the faithfulness of God is sprinkled throughout the Bible, but not any more clearly than in1 Corinthians 1:9 “Godisfaithful, who has called you into fellowship with his Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.”And in2 Timothy 2:13we read: “If we are faithless, He remains faithful, for he cannot disown himself.” Faithfulness is His very nature.To love Him is to trust Him. So here is a revelation, I can trust others precisely because I trust God. I must learn to trust that God is at work in and through others for my benefit because He is faithful. Trusting people can be dangerous, but trusting God to work through people is not a problem, we simply can never let anyone or anything be God for us but Elohim. True and Faithful One, my heart, my life, my future and my well-being are in Your faithful, trustworthy hands.


The walk of faith is no skip through the park. Each step must be taken in open defiance of the status quo. The faith walk requires stepping the more easily attained, convenience or what is popularly accepted by everyone around you. The ones who choose the faith walk must turn their faces to the wall daily and cry out to God for strength as the distance between this world’s ways and those of the next increase. The faithful ones will eventually breathe the rarified air of the summit, where only those who dare to have their own ways vanquished abide. But still, there remains more valleys to traverse, more heights to ascend, until this earthly trek is complete and we hear His Divine Declaration: “Well done faithful servants!" Father, where You lead I will follow! By Your grace I will finish my course.LORD, to dwell in Your Presence forever is the grand prize.