Every earthly resource is exhaustible. Trusting in whatever we have gathered for the future is as useless as when the Israelites tried to store away manna only to have it "breed worms and stink". Yet, a little bread and a couple of fish could feed 5,000 and still have leftovers with the Master’s touch. Life deals blows that shake our hope, but allowing pain or fear to shape our behaviors is the wrong course of action. My earth-born inclinations are scattered to the winds by the glorious victory wrought in knowing God’s limitless provision. When “The Lord Our Provider” wants to act, He has inexhaustible means and power. Blessed Father, You are Lord of All. Forgive my foolish attempts to live in my own strength. Teach me Your ways and lead me in the way of everlasting.


Many things may temporarily stir emotions, but the soul cannot be awakened to God without Divine Initiative. It is the spark of the Lord Almighty that instigates deep searching or gnawing spiritual hunger. A horse will not walk straight without a hand on the reigns and I will do no better without God’s guiding embrace. The desire to run free and fast is also born of God and entirely acceptable as long as we stay on His designed course. Father, Lord of Glory and All Wisdom, You stir my heart and steady my stride. You O Lord Who are capable of all things will order my steps and lead me to secret placeswhere I may breathe the rarified air of the Most High. I gratefully welcome Your celestial intervention.


It is possible to lose a battle but win the war. I have watched loved ones slip into eternity surrounded by friends, family and medical professionals fighting with all their might to keep them on this side of the veil. It seems like a tragic loss at that moment for sure, but for the faithful, this is not the end, only a turning of the page. It is true that battles for success in marriages, friendships, businesses, ministries, and every other worthy pursuit, can end in what appears to be sure defeat. But for the child of God, what seems like failure is never the end of the story. The LORD turns every defeat into wins for those who live in surrender to Him. Holy Father, I am so thankful for those divine moments in which loss is swallowed in victory. You truly work everything for our good. You shelter our souls and turn our mourning into joyful dancing!


The idea of a permanent “station in life” is a false concept. While it is true that we begin life with significant differences from others and face easier or more difficult opportunities, nothing or no one has the power to keep us “where we belong”. I’ve traveled on trains quite a bit and can tell you it is a good feeling as the train leaves the station, unless you’ve just missed it and are supposed to be on it. The bible is filled with stories of God taking people of “high station” down and lifting others of “low station” to amazing places. Moving forward is a necessary part of spiritual development and fulfillment of my created purpose. LORD, forgive my foolish excuses for not leaving the station. Keep me moving forward, gaining speed and climbing higher.


The Hebrew people’s biblically recorded journey from Egypt to the Promised Land offers many lessons. It was in the desert where the idolatrous influence of Egypt and the deep scars of enslavement were confronted; they were slowly being delivered from the past so they could embrace their future. While wandering through open wilderness God’s people learned to chase after the cloud and trust God’s daily provision. Climatic moments brought the Ten Commandments, deliverance from enemies and cleansing from cultivators of sedition. They were learning to do God’s will, God’s way. Lord, thank You for streams of life that only the desert can reveal. Out of barren rock flows living water to those who seek Your face.


The words we use in daily conversation are an indicator of our deepest beliefs. Never in my lifetime have I heard the words “feel, felt or feelings” used more to describe what guides people’s actions. Words such as “principles, truth, duty and honor” are now generally reserved for what motivates outstanding heroes. So a life guided by fickle feelings is normal, but life guided by true character and moral certitude is seen as special and highly uncommon. The new normal is not good for our future world. The farther Modern Culture slips away from Biblical Culture the more anemic it becomes. O Lord My Helper, let truth be my only guide. Shape my heart by Your Word and Spirit that I may bring honor and glory to Your Name.


We sometimes justify our own behaviors by believing there are levels of good and evil, and of course we grade ourselves on the curve. This is foolish, there is good and there is evil, nothing in between. God is good; anything outside the will of God is evil while anything within the will of God is good. Romans 2:4 queries: “Do you despise the riches of His goodness, forbearance, and longsuffering, not knowing that the goodness of God leads you to repentance?” Grace and mercy have no grading system; the goodness of God convicts, coaxes and nudges us to repentance. That’s it, nothing else matters. LORD, You are good and Your mercy endures forever. Forgive my absurd attempts to diminish the perfection and purity of Your redemption.