While waiting for a flight I noticed three young boys poised at the window watching all the runway activity. The giddy wonder of their new experience prompted me realize I have become indifferent to the wonder of modern flight. I am so accustomed to moving across the world at amazing speeds I resent that it is not even faster! Really? Nehemiah states: “They were not mindful of Your wonders.” Sadly, I often do the same with the wonders of God. How dare I? I‘ve experienced so many blessings, miracles and wonders, that at times I actually take them for granted. God of Wonders, forgive my hubris. Awaken my attentiveness to the wonders you perform. Help me see Your works with childlike eyes of innocence, fascination, praise and wonder.


On a morning walk I saw a large hawk being chased by a tiny bird. Small birds become very aggressive when a predator comes near their nest; they use their agility and quickness to intimidate a much larger predator and eventually the larger fowl flies away. In the same manner, I must be vigilant and defiant to be a victor in life. At times I accept the presence of hovering danger too quickly, thinking I am powerless to change my circumstances. That is simply not so, the Greater One resides within me. “The LORD is my strength” and “I can do all things through Him who loved me”.  Blessed Lord, You have not left me defenseless. Though my weapons seem small, they are “mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds.” Tweet! Tweet!


An ox will not walk straight without a harness holding him in place, however with needed constraints hitched on great power is ready and waiting. I too, need a yoke to stay on course. I cannot fulfill my high calling unless I’m firmly harnessed to God’s ways instead of my own. When we desert the safety of God’s love depravity and chaos rule. “Love your neighbor as yourself” is not a helpful hint for being a nicer person, it is the royal command of our Creator and the only path to a life filled with divine purpose. I must be continually harnessed to the needs of others to accomplish God’s highest and best. Father, You are Love. I confess that I love poorly, but I desire to learn to let love govern my heart and ways. Your yoke of love is my guide.


King David mused: “If I ascend into heaven, You are there; If I make my bed in hell, behold, You are there.” God is always present whether we invoke, acknowledge, welcome, believe-in or desire His Presence or not. I am not entirely comfortable with this since I don’t always want it, preferring at times to turn away in pursuit of my selfish desires. How sad, the proximity of the Almighty is a promise, not a threat. He continually transforms me into His image and nudges me deeper into my divine purpose. Father, forgive me for my moments of insane resistance and draw me to the sweetness of simple obedience. Help me to never ignore the potential of Your Manifest Presence. Tear away callousness and revive my heart with ever-deepening passion for You.


Most of my morning prayers have the same starting point: seeking forgiveness for yesterday’s misses and additional grace for today’s challenges. As this new morning breaks I realize my petitions are eerily similar to every other day. Each sunrise to sunset is filled with hacking my way through twisted vines of self-interests to return to the path of surrendered obedience to God’s ways. It still surprises me how easily I get off track, the slightest turn plunging me into another ravine of darkness. Yet even from the bottom there is always light above and God’s help is constant, His lifting hand placing me again on the mountaintop. Father, thank You for Your Mighty Arm! Your love pulls me through the steep climb again and again.


Green rivers and swilling brew? These are but commercialized distractions from celebrating one of the greatest apostles of all time. Patrick was a Wales-born slave to Irish men, but after his escape he became a re-born slave to God who’s greatest passion was to win his former captors to Christ. Years of faithfulness, study, servanthood, character development prepared him and ordination followed. Then, in missionary zeal, he went back to the Irish enslavers to change a nation. THIS is Patrick. Lord, thank You for those who point the way.


How many more steps till breakthrough? How far to the finish line? I don’t know. In fact, I never know until after the final step has been taken, so I keep walking. In confident persistence I walk. Through valleys of doom I walk. Past shadows of fear I walk. Over mountains of doubt, I walk. Edging along the steep precipice I walk. Through jungles of entanglements I walk, till the final step is finished.  The journey of faith does not end when we want it to end; it ends when it is over. That is God’s call, not mine. Shepherd of my soul You are with me each step. Your rod and staff cheer me up, relieving my weariness and giving me grit to finish. My cup overflows and Your Goodness and Mercy are right behind me. So I walk.