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I often feel I'm waiting on God to do something; answered prayer, doors of opportunity, spiritual breakthrough. Am I waiting on Him or is He waiting on me? Delaying action until conditions are perfect only extends the wait. While I cannot force things before their time, I CAN act in faith, thinking, speaking and doing what I know. Lord, “Who call things that are not as though they were,” grace for now to act.


Darkness fades, morning approaches; Yesterday’s passing offers a brand new start. New beginnings, what a gift! A NEW DAY ready to unfold. The foundation I now lay establishes firm footing no matter what the day contains. The Word, prayer, praise, surrender, resolve, forgive, thank, bless, joy, believe, love; okay, I’m ready now. Lord, thank You for another day...very cool.


A cardinal just landed on our fence. Must be difficult to hide when you are RED, especially in the glaring light of day. It is for me. Seems like God has focused extra light on me lately. Intense, heated, constant; He is after every last corner of dark self. Even shadows must go. Lord, thank You for the brightness of Your Truth. May all wrongful pride be relinquished, selfishness expunged. Blessed riddance.


I rediscovered a few muscles yesterday. I know the drill: Today, it hurts, tomorrow, my pain diminishes and I become stronger. It is the micro-tearing of tissue that builds strength and endurance. Consistent training leads to consistent gains. Lord, help me to remember this physical, mental & spiritual cycle of growth. Guide me through today's miseries on my path to tomorrow's strength and victory. It hurts sooo GOOD.


Generally, I am not easily bamboozled. The great exception to this is my self-generated excuses to not do something I should. Sadly, I often find my internal arguments for non-action quite impressive. Thanks be to the Spirit of the Living God. His constant and compelling promptings counter my self-deception and provoke me to action. Lord of Truth and Light, I am earnestly listening, fall afresh upon me.


How foolish it is that we judge God’s character by what we perceive HE ALLOWS. If something good occurs, then we consider God as good, something horrible and unexplainable, then He is of questionable character. Our challenge? Using knowledge that could fit on a pinhead to calculate formulas that frame the universe. Lord God Almighty, forgive my presumptuousness. I trust and rest, there IS No other way.


Reality is a game-changer. Much of life is propped up with facades and imaginations. We are architects of our own fantasies. Then truth comes rolling in like a rhino in a china store. Lord of Truth, I have many delicate things balanced on flimsy shelves. You only knock down to build up, You push to the side that which is of no lasting value. While there is pain in the moment, I welcome Your truth.


I like to be busy, but is it not equally important to be ready? While it is required that I obediently do what I know to do, I must simultaneously learn to wait, to be ready for what is coming. There is always more happening than I can perceive; busyness can be the enemy of effectiveness. Dearest Alpha and Omega, You hold all things in Your Hands, grant me grace to do and to not. Help me stay ready.


As Christians, we hope that unbelievers will admire us for our fine character, our family values or our lower number of vices. Instead, they immediately see beyond our words to our personal failings and consider it all as hypocrisy. The answer? Humble authenticity. Faith in Christ must be genuine, unwavering and most importantly, contrite. Lord, grant me grace for walking humbly before You and others.


Nothing clears the mind of clutter quite like a conversation with a three year old: innocent curiosity, unrestrained laughter, simple words, clunky attempts at philosophical and technical concepts, humble openness. We are commanded to “change and become like little children” to enter the Kingdom of God. Father in Heaven, please forgive my outlandish pretense. I am Your child, teach me Your ways.


At some point we must each give up the childhood game of attempting to walk in someone else’s footprints. It does me no good to compare my steps with those of others. Every step forward, no matter the size, in the final analysis is a step forward. Dearest Father, You have promised guided steps for those seeking You. Yes Lord, may Your will and wisdom guide my every step this day.


Today's sunrise looked as if God dipped His finger in florescent paint and stroked a soft orange, backlit ribbon across a silvery blue background. What else has the Master crafted into this day? I will watch for His work. Perhaps He will stroke the canvas of my soul. Lord, I desire Your Holy craftsmanship. May my heart be a ready landscape, I welcome the touch of Your holy brush.


I do love God, but I realize that much of my love is rooted in selfish desire and need. When I am content (the result of His love), the intensity of my love lessens; when I am in need, I hunger more for Him. He knows this, but never backs away. While I necessarily depend upon unconditional love, returning it is still difficult. Dear Father, help me today to be consistent in my love for You and others.


I will not mourn the close of 2009. Yet, I suspect that many future BLESSINGS will be rooted in THIS YEAR. So perhaps it is the finish of the foundation on which greater things will later rest. No doubt, change will occur. Lord, please do not let me ignore the lessons and good that have emerged in this pivotal year. But I must say a heartfelt "Happy New Year to all."


Early on Sunday morning, Mary went to an empty tomb seeking a lifeless Jesus that she had never truly understood. Imprisoned on an island on the Lord’s Day, John was seeking his Risen Savior when he discovered there was more to Christ than he had ever known. O God, THIS day, I seek You afresh that I may truly know You AS YOU ARE. Open my eyes, my ears, my mind, my heart.


I increasingly realize that all the parts of my life are interconnected. If I completely surrender even one part to God, all parts are affected. Like yeast into a loaf, each entry of grace begins to work its way throughout the whole. I am grateful for daily, targeted, unrelenting conviction that initiates the Kingdom’s advance in me. Lord I am Yours, help me to yield something new to You today.