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The accessibility of travel has dramatically changed over my lifetime, bringing home a simple point: I can get practically anywhere from where I am. It is easy to feel stuck in life, but with decision and determination, we can move forward from wherever we are. The belief that we CAN is vital to taking the first steps. The words of Paul ring loudly: “I CAN do all things…” Equally important to belief is the rest of Paul’s message: “…through Christ who gives me strength.” Surrender to the Person, Power and WILL of God is key. In other words, I am limited only to God, nothing else. Lord, thank You for pointing to the means and direction for pursuing Your best.


I am continually amazed at how little I actually know about God. Each new discovery opens another universe of more to know. Children seem to have the advantage in divine discovery since they are not encumbered with a need to know how it all works. Interestingly, as I grow older I seem to be reverting back to a childlike approach. It is reassuring to realize that this whole process of spiritual growth is in God’s hands and not my own. He initiates the divine spark in us, then guides the process of learning; His Word and Spirit navigating us through inexplicable mystery. Father, You have brought me thus far, I hunger for more. Teach me Your ways.


Raising multiple children informs parents of how dangerous life can be; parking lots become minefields of danger. Every stop begins with a stern reminder of the rules of disembarkation. Number one rule: “Hold Daddy’s hand.” I am well acquainted with God’s Holy Grip. When I press in it is gentle, soft but firm. In moments when I am being pulled away, or straining against it, I feel His Grasp tightening. There are startling moments of feet dangling over a precipice, yet I am still in held firmly in the Savior’s clutch. Father, thank You for Your Mighty Hand. You uphold, guide, prod, restrain and comfort me. Your love endures forever.


The diversity of people is as much a gift of God as any other treasure He offers. While differences engender many difficulties, they also provide ample opportunity to learn the many angles of love. Like a diamond turned in light, each person reveals another facet of God’s imprint upon each of us.Even those wholly unaware of His Person and Presence become a necessary part of discovering the breadth and depth of God’s love. Lover of My Soul, I praise Your for the beauty of Your image upon all Your creation, especially upon those You created in Your image. 


Today's sunrise looked as if God dipped His finger in florescent paint and stroked a soft orange, backlit ribbon across a silvery blue background. What else has the Master crafted into this day? I will watch for His work. Perhaps He will stroke the canvas of my soul, covering over useless space only to delicately create something exquisite in its place. Lord, I desire Your Holy craftsmanship. May my heart be a ready landscape; I welcome the touch of Your holy brush.