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My wandering heart often strays into perilous terrain. Only God can safely guard my steps, only He will release my feet from the snare. While I have matured over the years, I continue to require daily supervision and assistance. My heart is humbled and filled with gratefulness that all the ways of God are loving and faithful. Lord of Love, I stand amazed in Your Presence, lead me in Your path.


From our dock I saw a log float by in the middle of the river; most of its bulk suspended silently below the surface. Something as docile as a fallen tree can be deadly in certain circumstances. I offered a prayer for passing boaters, then one for myself. How many seemingly harmless things float just below the surface in my life? Lord, please expose in me those things that are harmful in me and clear them away.


I usually let each day begin fresh, but I realize that I am still schlepping yesterday's concerns. This will not do. Anxiety about the past or the future can obstruct valuable moves forward and neutralize God's daily whisperings. Blessed Father, I must hear from You today. Forgive my moments of worry as I now cast my cares upon You. I will listen for your instructions and am pleased to do Your will, Your way.


I find myself praying as if I were a reporter, informing God of currents events. Prayer should never be an attempt to enlighten the “Greater One” who knows all things. Rather than pointing to circumstances, my prayers should allow circumstances to point to me; to what needs to change in my heart and actions. Lord, shine the Light of Your Presence upon that which You desire to transform.


A new day is dawning. Will I turn the page or will I try to rehash or relive yesterday? The challenges and opportunities of THIS day await me. THIS is the day the Lord has made, I rejoice & am glad in it. Today is a gift from the "Ancient of Days." I do not want to disregard its value by living in the past or future. Thank You Lord, Shepherd of My Soul, for another day. My heart is tuned to Your Voice TODAY.


The rise and fall of each tidal visit deposits treasures upon the sand. So it is with people that come in and out of our lives. I am convinced that God orchestrates friendships. In fact, even the most painful relationships deposit value and wisdom into our lives. Even passing strangers, who just for a moment drop through can be a divine gift. Dearest Lord, thank You for the ebb and flow of people in my life.


Many things happen I cannot control; yet there is God. While my current state of affairs may not change, with Yahweh (“He Brings Into Existence Whatever Exists”), I can change. That is enough. We each waste valuable time imagining that different circumstances would produce a better outcome. Trust is the more excellent way. I can do no better than that. Lord, You are more than enough.


I've thrown many prayers God’s way. Some Scripturely blueprinted and humbly lifted, many selfishly constructed & tossed up, others seemingly crafted by God and filled with spiritual vigor, still others, just GOOBERS. All prayer should be bathed in biblically formed expectation, genuine surrender & offered with commitment to change. Father in Heaven, I cannot pray without Your guidance and help. Lord, hear my prayer.


Comfort zones quickly become dead zones. God reveals His ardent love by propelling me into the joy of breaking through again and again. Would I ever step out in faith without His prompting? Would I cast anchor without approaching storms? I will never know, for His love never ceases. King of Glory, thank You for Your Divine impulse, Your compelling love, Your relentless pursuit.


Yesterday’s quota of bricks dutifully met, its residue is still with me. Mud and straw again before me, I am ready. Today? Greater things are ahead, prompted by the inexhaustible benevolence of the GREATER ONE. Lord, teach me faithfulness through daily obedience, each moment submitted to Your care. Grant me grace this day to build an enduring legacy of submission to Your pleasure.


Not that He needs my personal endorsement, but I can certify that God is truthful. There is nothing false in Him. What a contrast to me, where pretense runs deep. God hates all falsehood and is continually exposing in me every element of duplicity. Blessed riddance. Almighty Father of TRUTH and LIGHT, do Your deep, holy work in me today. Thank You that Your Truth arrives embodied in Your Perfect Love.


As morning breaks, light is crawling over the face of the earth. I cannot live in yesterday’s light. I now turn my thoughts from darkness past and step into the brightness of this new day. I am one day wiser; In fact, I have never known more or have been more experienced than this very moment. Lord God Almighty, thank You for this fresh opportunity to do Your bidding. New light is shed upon me and joy is in my heart.


Earth whirling, sunlight advances, darkness flees, God is already voicing commands into this day. His Word precedes every moment and then holds it in place as it appears. Still, He is not finished. As each split second unfolds in His mighty grasp, He proclaims His will into it and pronounces His blessing upon it. Good morning Lord, this day is Yours already. All is well. I am thankful to be Your servant.


“Early will I seek You,” sound advice from a shepherd. No doubt, every day quickly filled with bleating sheep, constant demands. Why delay? Like a road trip, starting late means additional traffic. Meditations of the Master do not belong bumper to bumper on a slow moving freeway, cares of this world cutting into holy space. No, God first, that’s it. Other thoughts can wait, must wait. Oh God, early will I seek You.


Family, friends, culture and even sincere Christians around us are only a relative measure. Without realizing it, I may feel justified in my actions, yet be completely off course in the eyes of God. I need a precise plumb line by which I can see whether I measure up to God’s will and ways. Lord of Righteousness, may Your Spirit and Word expose my pretense and accurately guide my steps today.


I awake today with inward readiness. Even the smallest thing can inspire me when I’m ready to receive. This day is brimming with everything I need for life and godliness. God has saturated every moment beforehand. What noble things await discovery? This is Your day Lord! I am rejoicing in it already. Grant to me good discernment. May Your WiILL dominate every desire, Your PRESENCE every step.


Much of my life is spent in leadership meetings. Difficult decisions managed by imperfect people under constant pressures in challenging circumstances. How precious to me are these times of collective wisdom, prayerful discourse, surrender, trust, discovery and faith. Lord, thank You for those willing to lay down their lives for others, I am not worthy of such privileged fraternity and enterprise.