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There is no new no evidence that things which troubled me yesterday will not return with even more intensity this day. Yet I awaken anew with the joy of knowing that God is good and His power is not depleted. The Almighty’s love stands guard over His creation and His provision feeds the birds of the air and clothes flowers with beauty. Father, banish from my heart every vestige of doubt that You are Lord of All.


While it is absolutely true that the Holy Spirit is our Comforter, God’s comfort zone nearly always makes me uncomfortable. Since complacency is my constant nemesis, His love continually prods me to move forward. Herein lies a fundamental spiritual principle: convenience is rarely the path to spiritual growth. Father, Your love propels me. I welcome Your holy nudges, even when it is bothersome.


Walking is simply a series of steps. Each stride distances me from something behind and propels me toward what is ahead. Giant ones, tiny ones, fast ones, slow ones, intense ones, easy ones; they each count, progress is made. The walk of faith is no different. Lord, help me keep each footstep firmly centered in Your will. Even if I should stumble I am safe, knowing I am still in Your capable hands.


Flying over the Sahara Desert, the world’s largest at 3.3 million square miles is an amazing and daunting sight. It seems to go on forever, but every desert has its boundaries; it does not go on endlessly. God’s love and provision are limitless, carrying us through even the most extensive wasteland. Lord, Your goodness and mercies accompany my journey and green horizons await me. Selah.


Though we constantly try, the unfathomable majesty of God cannot be measured or understood by human senses. He, whose greatness extends beyond the heavens on high and the depths below, must be pursued by faith and revealed In His times and ways. Father, awaken the resplendent light of authentic, childlike faith within me. May my seeking be free from the shadows of self-reliance.


Seated on a plane or as a Saturday afternoon couch potato, an unplanned catnap is one of life’s true luxuries. It is in these special moments that self-discovery occurs: snoring, drooling, senseless talking. The problem? Everyone else knows it before we do. I wonder how many of my faults or foibles others see before I do. Lord, I thank you for honest friends on whom I depend for helpful counsel.


A gentle summer rain graces my morning start. It has life giving, air cleansing, drought reversing power, yet it is soft, even delicate. Big and brash are not always necessary to effect significant change. Many of life’s most powerful events are subtle: a smile, a touch, or a leaf drifting on the surface of a creek. Father, thank You for the reminder that You are always at work in all things.


Some days start out more difficult than others. I am perfectly positioned for things to improve. The joy begins as I turn my thoughts to Him in whom I live and move and have my being. My weaknesses are the best stage upon which His Divine perfection can display. There is no conflict in declaring: “Bless the Lord oh my soul.” Father, I am nothing without You, but limitless within You. This is a good day.


It is as if I am swimming in a steady current. I can swim with it and move faster, or I can swim against it and go the opposite direction. But, as I fatigue, the current slowly moves me again. In spite of my resistances, God is working in me, moving me toward my created purpose. This is at once comforting and exasperating. Father, I get it, yielding is the only solution. Thank You for keeping me on course.


As I have aged I increasingly awaken with nagging aches, nothing serious, just uncomfortable tenderness. But there is good news, regular stretching and exercise keeps it manageable. The same is true of the soul and spirit; I cannot ignore development of the inward man. My mind, emotions and spirit must be fed and exercised daily. Lord, feed my spirit by Your Word and Presence. Help me stay inwardly fit.


My daily challenge is to glorify the greatness of God while still imbedded in human frailty. Each sunrise presents both opportunity and dilemma. Will I, this diurnal passing, move farther from wrongdoing to devotion, from earthliness to heavenly freedom? Father, I praise You for Your grace to be delivered from the thick darkness of doubt. Grant me new faith to walk more perfectly in Your promises.


Walking with God is inherently inconvenient. It cannot be done consistently without constant rearrangement of personal priorities and commitments. Daily infusion of Word and Spirit are vital, but no less so than openness to hear and obey. I am not significantly better at this process now than when it began in my life. Lord, Your relentless pursuit and unmitigated love is my strength and hope. Help me knuckle under.