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Catastrophes have a way of being all consuming; the worse the situation, the more absorbing it is. The beginning point for moving forward is to enthrone God in our praise. As we behold Him and magnify Him the circumstances of life come into proper perspective. Praise validates the sovereignty of God. The effect of praise provokes us to proclaim His greatness to others. Lord, You are great and worthy of all praise.


How curious it is to judge the acts of God with mortal minds. His being is immeasurable, His image beyond sight. Words are wholly insufficient to describe His uncontainable power, the riches of His glory, His unbounded wisdom, unflagging love or ceaseless goodness. Lord, I have no questions worthy of Your answers. It is enough to bow in humble adoration and proclaim how great You are!


I woke up thankful today. Thankfulness floats close to the surface for me, but it is usually not my first morning reaction. Constant, auto-response gratefulness requires a level of surrender that still eludes me. Typically I must first navigate through a maze of my own thoughts and emotions before I reach the bliss of thankfulness. Today, I am there quickly and without conditions; thank You Father for the early gift.


As of late I have experienced an impulse to pray. While prayer has been a part of my daily life for a long time, this is different. Specific people have been on my heart in greater volume and intensity. As I pray for others, God lays open the cover-ups within me, healing incurable wounds, breaking through invincible walls. Father, in Your mercy, hear my prayers. Thank You for the gift of interceding for others.


After days of torrential rains our yard looks like the second plague; the ground is covered with tiny frogs joyfully hopping. They’re cute for now, but soon they will be a hoard of bumpy, bulging toads belching noise and constantly in the way. Sin is like this. Whimsical and welcomed at first, till it multiplies and boisterously dominates our entire lives. Redeemer of My Soul, forgive me and deliver me from the plague of brazen wrongdoing.


Pretending is an essential pathway to development for children; it is a passageway to self-deception for adults. While imagination and creativity have lifelong value, to masquerade as something we are not is falsehood. As I mature, seamlessness between who I want to be and who I truly am has become more important. Heavenly Father, may Your maturing work in me produce increasing authenticity.


We desire to exert influence on the world around us precisely because God created us to do so. Deep within our soul lies the imprint of God’s commanded purpose for mankind: be fruitful, increase, multiply, rule, fill the earth. Salvation only intensifies this innate longing. Redeemer of All Nations, thank You for creating me with Your purposes. Show me how to live Your love for the world out loud.


It has practically become a cultural virtue to fantasize about self-importance. What a waste of precious life to idolize oneself. In the end, all that will matter is what we have done for God by doing for others. I don’t want my life to finish as a half burned log. Only in the furnace of a sold out life will all that must, be consumed. Lord, Yours is the power to make me the man that pleases You.


During the darkest days of WWII, as London suffered nightly bombings and rocket attacks, a sign was posted in the bomb shelters: “Keep Calm and Carry On.” A powerful message that I too must heed. Life goes on; the tea brewing as bombs fall. Come what may, I must not panic nor ignore my mission. Lord, You are our only sure victory. Grant me calm in the storm and courage to carry on.


“Early will I seek You;” sound advice from a shepherd. No doubt, every day quickly filled with bleating sheep, constant demands. Why delay? Like a road trip, starting late means additional traffic. Meditations of the Master do not belong bumper to bumper on a crowded freeway, cares of this world cutting into holy space. No, God first, that’s it. Other thoughts can wait, must wait. Oh God, early will I seek You.


I am a father many times over, blessed with multiple children, all with children of their own. While other dads seem far better at fatherhood, I am still making progress, learning to steer through the constant changes through which a family passes. God’s gift to me? The forgiveness and mature counsel of my family and friends. Lord God, you are Father of All, thank You for being the perfect example of fatherhood.


The murky confusion of black of night is instantly transfigured by the entry of even the smallest light. Many tremble at the onset of darkness in any form, but evil can be confronted without fear and done so bathed in vanquishing love. Demons flee in the presence of the Savior and destitute souls find deliverance, healing and peace. Father of Light, limitless dominion belongs to those who know You.


“I Am that I Am.” Who introduces himself like that? Only God; only He CAN! It says little, but then again, it says everything. God’s simple self-description is sufficient for every longing, for every need. The very thought of the transcendent “I AM” dispels my fears and grants instant, unmitigated hope. Lord, You are the Great I AM and in that declaration my heart knows I CAN, do all things through Your strength.


Huge storms throughout the dark of night; superseded by the soft, warm light of sunrise. This morning prompts my remembrance of God's pattern: dark to light, storms to calm, mourning to dancing. Joy comes in the morning. Yesterday slips away, a new day is dawning. Almighty Father, I have never been here before, but You My God have trod these moments. Cause my steps to land only in Your footprints.


The lessons of God are imbedded in every moment. Development of deeper understanding requires patience. This is not spiritless pursuit that often plagues the soul; rather, it is hunger-driven yearning to comprehend deeper truths. Each circumstance offers gifts that are easily missed by the impatient. Lord of Wisdom, calm me down when I rush past concealed, but discernible treasures.


Spiritual immaturity seems to have no bounds. I was awakened today from the depths of sleep. There, in my dream, I was silently being critical and judgmental of someone. Even in slumber, granted by the Almighty for renewal and rest, unnecessary complaints vex my soul. Lord, my need for Your saving grace is constant. I awake yearning for the gentleness and maturing power of Your fatherly love.


In a world jam packed with half-truths, misconceptions and pretense, the soul grows weary from the daily stampede. A sound internal compass combined with divine guidance and trustworthy comrades help me navigate the constant onrush of external illusion. Father, thank You that while huddled in the storm, I rest safely in Your hand where truth prevails, love lifts and sinking sand turns to solid Rock.


Since divine correction and instruction are the way to true life, God places learning stations throughout each new day. My tendency is to arrogantly brush past each lesson too quickly, confident of what I think I know. But God’s goodness wins out, and despite my attempts to move on, I find myself back at the same learning station again and again. Dear Father, thank You for Your persistent tutelage


Each day, I am increasingly aware of how little actual control that I have. This is good; I do not warrant unmitigated control of my life. My record is littered with the debris of failures where I attempted to be my own final authority. Oh yes, many attempts. Master, I am at peace with surrender to Your control. Grant me DIVINE PURGING today that I may more easily yield to your primacy. My life is Yours alone.


I am blessed with friendships; close friends, distant friends, common interest friends, casual friendships, difficult ones, easy ones, new ones, life-long friends, covenant friends. Friendships are lifting, challenging, provoking, inspiring, demanding, instructive; I am rich beyond measure. Lord, thank you for my friends. Help me today to be a better friend to others.


I am encouraged to know that I am living according to a divinely guided plan that is directed from outside of my circumstances. The purposes of God are unaffected by the daily challenges this world presents; He simply works everything out accordingly. Strangely, after so many self-generated disasters, I still prefer to direct things myself. Sovereign Lord, help me accept Your ways and means.


I feel the the gentle, but firm hand of God nudging me into places I have not chosen,  to do things beyond my capacity, to accomplish things beyond my reach. While this is not new,  past experience does little toare relieve the fresh anxiety. Yet, I am not without recourse; I can praise Him who holds all things in His grasp.  Father,  You are great and greatly to be praised! Better now.


“Should you seek great things for yourself?” A powerful question from Jeremiah the prophet. I often face a delicate path of stepping into significant places where God places me, only to be pulled toward thoughts of how advantaged I may become from it. Self-consciousness is the archenemy of true servanthood. Lord, deliver me from every vestige of self-promotion. May I boast only of You and Your grace.


Yesterday was bustling. Suddenly, an unexpected encounter with friends. Laughter, stories and testimony of the Goodness of God. Big hugs, sincere prayers, open hearts, more laughter, plans for more, hesitant goodbyes. Like oases in the desert, God places these divine moments along my daily journey. Flashes of heaven, glimpses of God. Lord, I am very grateful for these respites along the journey.


I begin this day in thankfulness for those who have helped shape my life. Some welcomed, others disdained. Biblical characters, historic figures, family, friends, spiritual fathers and mothers, authors, actors, teachers, strangers, detractors and enemies; all used by the Master Craftsman to form me. Lord, I thank You for each one. Make me be a tool in Your hand for shaping others.


My calendar stays full, but the question is whether my lamp is full; when the Bridegroom arrives will any oil be found. I cannot depend upon past spirituality as this day approaches already filled to the brim, so early will I seek Him, now will I praise Him. The first tear of repentance floods the soul with grace, the first word of praise uncaps the well of joy! Lord God of Mercy and Goodness, I praise you afresh.


I will not live my life in a fear-fueled rage against circumstances. While there are many things I would like changed, I accept that I don’t understand what is best for each moment on this earth. I do know that God is generous, loving, meticulous, and wise. He is ultimately in control and I’m good with that. Lord, knowing You is enough. All things are in your perfect hands; I safely advance.