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This morning’s dawn is veiled with light fog. I strain to see details that I could otherwise see. The obscurity focuses my attention to what I WANT to see, what I NEED to see; things of less importance fade into the background. Yes Lord, I think I get it. Help me today to focus more carefully on what You want me to see each moment. Cause the non-essential whirling by to drift into the background.


My heart leaks; it fills, then leaks. I must guard it, continually replenish it with truth and make it a tabernacle of praise. It must be searched, clean, inclined to hear, willing, contrite, broken, circumcised, turned from stone to flesh, thankful, freed from deceit and chase after God. Well, it sounds as if my heart will have a busy day. Lord, my heart belongs to You my King and my Redeemer.


Disappointments are as much a part of life as breathing; reality rarely matches expectations. Dwelling on letdowns, large or small, can lead to discouragement and discontent. There is a more excellent way. Today I choose to lay hold of divine proclamation: “all things work together for good.” Lord I do love You and know that Your purpose is never thwarted by passing circumstances. It is well with my soul.