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Daybreak is very quiet. God’s whispers seem more easily heard in the gentle rollout of a new day. Soon the world awakens and the still of dawn is lost in the cacophony of life. An indispensable characteristic of the Christ-centered life is hearing and obeying the voice of God. Dearest Lord of Life, early will I seek You. Thank You for the blessedness of silence. Teach me to hear accurately and obey swiftly.


I am not an angry person, yet it comes to me too easily. I have no malice toward anyone and keep short accounts. Still, anger pops up like burnt toast. Jesus got angry without sin; I have to work on that one. I must learn to cleanse the Temple without cleaning someone’s clock. Lord, help me to bridle all of my emotions to respond in a way that pleases You. Remind me of Your mercy at my moment of indignation.


I should be grateful whenever I see spiritual progress in others or me. Sadly, this is not always the case. I sometimes do not like the source through which betterment comes; the process just doesn’t fit my plan. Not surprisingly, God ignores my opinion in these situations. Divine disregard: I often need it; God’s goodness provides it. Lord, thank You for taking little notice of my commonly contaminated opinions.


How many more steps to breakthrough? I don’t know. I never know until AFTER the final step, so I walk. IN faith, I walk. BY faith I walk. In confident persistence, I walk. Through valleys of doom, I walk. Past shadows of fear, I walk. Over mountains of doubt, I walk. Through jungles of entanglements, I walk. Shepherd of my soul You are with me, Your rod & staff comfort me, my cup overflows…so I walk.


Robust relationships require honesty; honesty requires risk. Honesty with others is dependent upon the level of honesty we have with God. He knows everything anyway, why do I ever avoid the truth? There is NO RISK in trusting the Master. Truth hurts, heals, liberates, directs, delivers. Lord, let Your light shine in every dark crevasse of my heart today. May I have an honest heart before You and others.


Morning light, arriving earlier each day. Earth spinning, tilting, hurtling through space, day, night, seasons, all in the palm of His hand, every last detail considered. Beginning, end, all the same to the Alpha and Omega, Maker of Heaven and Earth. "O Lord my God, when I in awesome wonder consider all the worlds Thy hand has made!" Today should work out just fine, my soul is already singing!


I am hard-wired for incessant enterprise, my mind requiring almost constant occupation. In prayer, I heard two words: “make space.” Like a muddied spring or a polluted well, a cluttered mind is functional, but not beneficial. Many whisperings of the Almighty are lost in the din of mental noise. Father, help me to rest in You. Deliver me from relentless mental activity that impedes Your Voice. Teach me to be still.


Lanky silhouettes of palm trees against a backdrop of soft pinks and light blue sky, wisps of moss dangling quietly from massive oaks. It is morning and God's fingerprints are already all over this day. The Magnificent One has previously passed this way. Whatever awaits me, God has erstwhile touched each moment. I am at peace. Holy and Mighty One, help me fix my eyes upon Your glorious handiwork today.


One of the constant blessings of my life is giving and receiving so many hugs in fellowship. The love of others gives me great joy and encouragement and activates the love of God within me. Little arms, huge arms, soft touches, warm embraces, shoulder squeezes, they nourish my soul. Just another way that God supplies all our needs. Lord, my arms are Yours, may I be Your hands extended this day.


Why am I always surprised when the moon is full? The lunar cycle is absolutely predictable, but there I am awestruck, again: its beautiful glow brilliantly transforming dust and rock into glorious wonder. The moon, Divine work of the Almighty, is merely a huge dirtball turned into resplendent light. Sounds strangely familiar. Lord God of Wonders, thank You for Your transformational work in me.


Why give in to the convenience of discouragement? Despair offers no reward. The path of trust is much steeper, but grants still waters, restored soul. The Lord is ALWAYS our Great Shepherd, even when we are wholly unaware of it. In the deepest, darkest valley I never trod alone. Oh Shepherd of my soul, from sinking sand, You lift me, With tender hand, You lift me, all is well.


Another day. Yesterday? Gone. Tomorrow? Beyond the horizon. What I have is today, now. Time to ignore what should have been or what might be. What does the Lord require of me THIS day? Mind in the game. The careless ease of self-confident fools destroys them. Too often, I drift over the line or drop a wheel off the pavement. Lord, I commit my ways to You, I will pay attention THIS day.


I waste significant portion of every day, not by lack of activity, but by pursuits doomed to failure. Rabbit trails are exhausting. There is only One who can reliably deliver those things which truly matter. Lord of Life, it seems I am still a rookie, but You patiently instruct me nonetheless. Thank You for Your Goodness and Mercy. Guide my steps and grant me grace this day to step only in Your footprints.