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Exploring new possibilities is a part of the human condition that is an attribute of our Creator. Every person is born with an inward passion for learning, problem solving and adventure. If these characteristics never fall under the daily guidance of divine superintendence, we will waste our lives wandering around in a personal wilderness. Lord God our Creator, corral my expeditions to Your perfect will.


Another friend has slipped into eternity. I never get used to this. As genuine believers walk through the valley of shadows there are many lessons, but none more important than this: there is nothing more precious than trust in God. Whether delayed or swift, death is ultimately swallowed in victory for those assured by faith. Father, in Your appointed moment, my soul will ascend in pure delight.


Every second is precious, an irreplaceable gift of time. I desire to make wise and effective use of this day. Without God’s help this would be Impossible, but the gift of new opportunity to act is accompanied with a daily allotment of grace, wisdom and opportunity. O LORD, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth! Teach me Your ways each moment. Thank You for another lap.