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We are commanded to “speak the truth in Love.” In fact, most of what we pass off as honesty is grounded in fear. We typically tell the truth only when we are reluctantly exposed, or feel it necessary to protect something we value. This fare of “honesty” rooted in selfishness bears almost no resemblance to honesty motivated by love. Lord, You are impeccably honest. Yet, Your truth, bathed in love, makes me free.


Pain is personal; each heart knows its own bitterness. Outward laughter often masks inward grief. To the one who truly knows God as Father, those times become uniquely precious; sorrows turn to joy that no one else can share. Mourning becomes dancing, grief becomes gladness, pouting becomes praise; joy in the morning! My Lord, my God, You are Awesome and Beautiful in all Your ways!


I can tell when I am being selfish, most of us can. One of my indicators is annoyance. When I am walking in humility, the foibles and minor insults of others do not linger in my mind. When I am being selfish, every annoyance is amplified, I take them personal and start a running list; a web of annoyance is spun and I'm the one trapped in it. Father, please help me keep my heart humble today.


Much of our effort produces little of measurable value. I have poured my emotions, energy, time and resources into something only to discover that all I expected from my enterprise came to nothing. Yet, it is the effort itself that has great value. Faithfulness, stewardship, passionate pursuit; these are divine treasures produced by effort. Lord, may I never grow weary in doing good. In Your mercy, keep my shoulder to the plow.


I come to crossroads daily. Wisdom is always there like a friendly old farmer at a roadside produce stand: easily seen if you look, lots of fruit simply waiting to be chosen. I want to stop and browse, but so much to do, in a rush I drive forward, often to my own harm. Life's choices require God's input. Father of All ...Wisdom, forgive my haste. Help me take time to choose wisely. Thank You for Your constant Presence.


I am thankful for the rather strict discipline I received as a child. God designs each of us with a unique package of tendencies and abilities; many of mine require clear boundaries. Without internal and external borders we stray wherever our desires, opportunities or appetites lead us. Only a fool ignores discipline or hates correction. Father, I feel Your Love in the rod of correction, it is a welcome refuge.