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I begin this day in thankfulness for those who have helped shape my life. Some welcomed, others disdained. Biblical characters, historic figures, family, friends, spiritual fathers & mothers, authors, actors, teachers, strangers, detractors and enemies; all used by the Master Craftsman to form me. Lord, bless each one today. Let me be a tool in Your hand for shaping others.


I hunger for God’s Manifest Presence today. The moment I offer unconditional love to others I experience God’s Presence. His daily habitation is assured by simply walking in genuine love toward the people He loves and redeemed at such a great price. Opportunities to love others are His invitation to move higher; to walk closer. Oh Lord my God, make it so this day.


I’m often told that I am an optimistic person. In fact, optimism is a feeble substitute the greatness of God. Simply stated, He is ABOVE ALL THINGS. When doubts and fears arise, ultimately I am roused to my senses by an indisputable fact: Jesus IS Lord of all. My God & my Strength, You alone are the High & Lofty One. M...ay I never place hope in anything but You, my Lord, my God, my Hope.


When something is compelling enough, I can usually find a way to make it happen. It is embarrassing to admit how often I am compelled by passing desires rather than things of eternal importance. No doubt, misuse of time, talent and treasures hinders my spiritual progress. Lord, You are perfectly balanced in all that You do. Help me to properly steward all that I have and all that I am according to Your will.


Several doors in my life are creaking; front door, back door, car door. Lubricant should clear this up. Maintenance...I seem to respond better to crisis; okay, it’s a crisis now. My inner life is no different; I allow creakiness to become a crisis before taking action. Father, grant me grace to act. May dryness of soul... have no place in me. Thank You for the oil of joy, which penetrates each part, offered to You.


The lessons of God are embedded in every moment. Development of deeper understanding requires patience. This is not spiritless pursuit that often plagues the soul; rather, it is hunger-driven yearning to comprehend deeper truths. Each circumstance offers gifts that are easily missed by the impatient. Lord of Wisdom, calm me down when I rush past concealed, but discernible treasures.


This morning’s dawn is veiled with light fog. I strain to see details that I could otherwise see. The obscurity focuses my attention to what I WANT to see, what I NEED to see; things of less importance fade into the background. Yes Lord, I think I get it. Help me today to focus more carefully on what You want me to see... each moment. Cause the non-essential to fade into the background.


Rain, and lots of it. The frogs are rejoicing; I should too. God knows the needs of every creature and makes provision. He IS “The Lord Who Provides.” Like all divine supply, if I don’t get it when I think I need it, I always need it when it does appear. Lord God, You are my Daily Bread. Help me to trust both Your PROVISION and TIMING. I rejoice, whenever it appears...Rrrribbit.


I saw part of the Leonids meteor shower this morning; over 500 meteors per hour can be seen during its annual passage. What a great reminder that there are powerful things hurtling by every day that can be easily missed. How often do I simply slumber through amazing opportunities? Lord of All Creation, awaken my senses. Help me to be more observant and responsive to what You send by.


After years of God’s dealings, I still have so much pride in my heart. It lurks just behind a veneer of intentional humility. Though I sometimes diagnose it before it pops out in my words or actions, more often than not, it is too late. I am truly grateful that I can recognize it at all. This too, is the working of God. Glory to God; Father, Son and Holy Spirit for Your holy work of deliverance. Blessed riddance.


Ideas come from somewhere. Some are harmless, others inspired, still others, toxic. The mind is surely our most constant battlefield. Lord, teach me to recognize the difference between good ideas that emanate from You and bad ideas that come from other sources. Teach me to put good ideas into action to serve others. Grant me the patience to work in Your timing. I await.


I am, of late, being drawn into a deeper place. This newest spiritual advance requires little outward action, however, a lot is happening inwardly. Past growth means little here, no, only the present. Attitudes, commitments and practices are being put to the test; fresh excitement and passion is gurgling. Shepherd of My Soul, thank You for fresh winds. Help me to not take shortcuts. Be magnified in me.


Each day, I am increasingly aware of how little ACTUAL control that I have. This is good. I do not warrant unmitigated control of my life. My record is anemic where I HAVE attempted to be my own final authority. Oh yes, nonstop attempts. Master, I am at peace with surrender to Your control. Grant me DIVINE PURGING today that I may more easily yield to your primacy. My life is Yours alone.


So many problems are rooted in reckless words. It is foolish to believe that we should say whatever we think. Every thought must be brought under obedience to Christ. Unfiltered thoughts must not be allowed to roam freely in our minds and should never exit our mouths. Lord of Love and Truth, may all of my thoughts be in submission to You. Help me to guard my tongue. Let love guide my words.


“I Am that I Am.” Who introduces himself like that? Only God; only He CAN! It says little, but then again, it says everything. God’s simple self-description is sufficient for every longing, for every need. The very thought of the transcendent I AM dispels all of my fears and grants instant, unmitigated hope. Lord, I know that, You are the GREAT I AM, grant me grace to know You more.


I saw unrestrained anger yesterday. It was ugly, painful. I am eternally thankful that long ago, God expunged vitriol from my soul. Even the slightest ripple of hatred grieves the surrendered heart. I still get angry more that I should, but realize now more than ever what a protective gift the love of God truly is. Lord of Love, thank You for the powerful force of forgiveness. Strengthen my resolve to walk in love.


What divine protection and transformational power belongs to the generous heart! Greed is a daily intruder, a bothersome and dangerous squatter. Long ago, I committed my heart to live to give, live to lift, live to bless. Yet, greed’s relentless pursuit attempts to throw me off track. Lord, grant me a generous spirit today & deliver me from selfishness. Help me open my heart and hands to others.


The unrestrained heart is an easy target for enticing arguments that lead us astray. In addition to His Word and Spirit, God’s loving protection is provided by our conscience, responsibilities, disciplines, values and even fears. Lord God my Keeper, let me not be overcome by allurements, and empty arguments. Help me to stand strong in times of overwhelming tiredness or selfishness. I am Yours.


Little things, big things, almost anything...these are the things I often take for granted. When I do, I quickly forget that they ever even existed. How foolish. A thankful heart is the key to freedom from taking things for granted. Lord, THIS day I praise you for...well, everything. Help me to recognize Your constant provision and to be genuinely and continually thankful.


What a waste of time it is to wish that past things had happened differently. The past is the past; I mustlearn from it, appreciate it & get over it. THIS DAY offers authenticopportunity. Will I seek God today? Will I obey His voice? Will I act forcefully, with kindness, with joy? Lord, I praise You for this new day, shine in me, through me, before me. Bind my heart to Your plans; lift my eyes to the horizon.


Still in the passing dark of early morning, yet I hear birds singing. Why does a bird awaken with a song in its heart? I suppose it awakens excited about the prospect of eating worms. Actually, I have much more to look forward to and I am not nearly as enthusiastic as they. Lord, I am VERY THANKFUL for what awaits. You have already ordered my steps for this new day. Chirp, chirp. I feel better already.


Grace is perfectly distributed by God. He that spins the worlds on His fingers has sufficient grace apportioned for every moment. Yesterday’s grace will not do for today, tomorrow’s grace cannot be coerced. Like manna in the desert, grace comes for each day, each instant. Gracious Father, help me to accept and walk in Your provision of grace today…now.


My attempts at self-planned happiness are utterly useless. Human engineered enjoyment is a short-lived, pitiful substitute for the Joy of the Lord. God’s joy is strength giving, shout invoking, song releasing gladness of heart. Father, How great is the joy of Your Presence; Lord, You are my joy and my delight. Forgive my failed attempts to find fulfillment anywhere but in You.


Weariness awakens selfishness and drains away kindness and consideration for others. Weariness is an indicator of self-dependence and loss of vision. When I become weary, God reminds me why I serve in the first place. Father, I owe You everything and I owe others Your love and kindness on which I necessarily depend. I am excited about serving You and your work.