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Grumbling is a common malady of the human condition. In the final analysis, it is merely a symptom; the deeper problem is that we have an issue with God. At times we feel He is unfair, uncaring, or has treated others better than us. Yes, there it is again: SELFISHNESS. Lord of Love, may no root of anger toward You or Your ways ever find a home in my heart.


Ospreys (eagles) & Pelicans feed from the river behind our home. The Osprey hovers, swoops, and delicately plucks a fish with his talons, gracefully flying away. The pelican pauses, then drops like a rock, head-first, full speed. Sitting on the water like a dazed boxer on the canvas, he spits out water and swallows the fish. They BOTH feast. Lord, thank You for my daily bread…whatever.


“Be still and know.” It is not necessary that EVERYTHING be still, just that I am INWARDLY still. Today I must again cast off thoughts, cares and emotions that suppress God's Presence within me. Yesterday’s peace means nothing today. Only DAILY stillness will do. Prince of Peace, in You my soul finds rest. In the swirl of a new day’s turbulence, keep me settled down.


It’s foggy this morning. No, not the river, it’s me. I usually awake alert. But today, thoughts come half-finished, oozing rather than flowing. This is unsettling but strangely restful. Rather than jumping ahead in my mind to the busy day before me, I’m nonchalantly opening the package without tearing the wrapping paper. Nice. My God, My Maker, thank you for these gentle moments.


Panic is not a reliable strategy. Fear-governed thoughts and actions rarely lead us to the right conclusions. Trusting God is THE ONLY sensible response to crisis. The peace God grants to those who lean on Him is the perfect environment for understanding and wisdom to emerge. Lord of Lords, this day is in Your hands...I am at peace.


Our Divine directive is that we not only recognize that broken people exist, but that God wants us to do something for them. ACTING compassionately is much more difficult than the HAVING compassion. How I treat the broken, the difficult, the tedious among us measures the true depth of my love for God. Lord, You ARE love, teach me more. Use me as Your hands.


Why give in to the convenience of discouragement? Despair offers no reward. The path to trust is more steep, but grants still waters, restored soul. Jesus is ALWAYS our Great Shepherd, even when we are wholly unaware of it. In the deepest valley I never trod alone. Oh Shepherd of my soul, from sinking sand, You lift me, With tender hand, You lift me, all is well.


The more I understand of the grace of God the more I am amazed by it. It is saturated with truth, with life, with mercy, with power. My brokenness invites it, my pride resists it. I necessarily depend upon a limitless supply of grace, yet struggle to offer it freely to others. Gracious Lord, open my heart to receive and offer Your grace without measure, without restraint.