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A rocky mountainside, a bush on fire, these were seemingly unremarkable things, but on a fateful day on Mount Sinai the ordinary was transfigured into the miraculous. God’s Manifest Presence transformed run-of-the-mill dirt into sacred ground, a fugitive into a deliverer and a shepherd into a prophet. Moses was simply fulfilling his daily duties as a sheepherder when a glance up radically changed everything. Majestic Lord and Father, nothing is ordinary when infused with Your Presence and Power. Help me to turn aside in the midst of the commonplace and see Your Glory today.


I often struggle with the contradictions of carrying such wondrous eternal treasures in an earthen jar of human weakness. Fatigue suppresses faithfulness. Weariness awakens selfishness and drains away kindness and consideration for others. It also indicates self-dependence as opposed to full surrender to God’s strengthening power. When love languishes, God faithfully reminds me why I serve in the first place. Father, I owe You everything and I owe others Your love and kindness on which I necessarily depend. Revive my heart with fresh fire from above.


We live in an era when there is a growing chasm between words and actions. It seems the proliferation of so many gadgets for 24/7 communications has worsened the problem. The sheer volume of things said so easily to so many contributes to falsehood. There is no duplicity in God, what He says, He does. He ”watches over His Word to perform it.” It is time to say less and do more. Lord of Truth and Action, help me to live by deeds rather than mere words. Purge from me all that is false. May my love for others be honest and my words bathed in wisdom, grace and integrity.


As a child I neither liked nor disliked road trips. They were simply different than my normal routines and required dealing new awareness. Many hours were spent assimilating quickly passing scenery into my little world. Life can come at you very fast. Things change, that’s it. It sometimes feels like I am still a five-year old with my arm out the window of a car trying to grasp the wind; lot’s of action and movement, little but the immediate experience to show for it. Having a Solomon moment here, so the conclusion: ”Fear God and keep His commandments.” Lord, that is enough. I am ready for another day.


I am encouraged to know that I am living according to a divinely guided plan that is directed from outside of my circumstances. The purposes of God are unaffected by the daily challenges this world presents. He simply works everything out according to His purposes. God never panics, never feels incapable and is never confused or deceived. Why would I ever want to run things without Him? Strangely, after many self-generated disasters, I still prefer to direct things myself. Blessed Lord, help me accept Your ways and means. Cure my folly and lead me to full surrender to Your sovereign authority.