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Chilly air and palm trees do not seem compatible. Then again, God assembles things that are far more complex. Friendships, marriages, families, congregations, causes, peoples, nations; God brings the diverse together for the benefit of each; when His love prevails it works. Lord, You rock! I stand in awe of Your wisdom, attention to detail and persistent goodness. Fill me with love for others.


Another day. Family, work, sick friends, needs, the future, lost neighbors, world news, weather, past mistakes, obedience, dirty mind is racing. How crowded the mind can be. Jesus, infiltrate my every thought today. You Lord, are THE authorized interruption in every moment. Each second is Yours, help me to receive You unopposed. May Your Presence percolate in & through me today.


Miracles happen every day; I must consecrate myself in preparation for the amazing things God will do. Should I wait for signs of something happening before making preparatory changes? Absolutely not! Consecration anticipates the wondrous works of God. Lord of Wonders, I yield to Your will and ways. May my heart and mind anticipate Your glory. Help me to prepare for Your works.


When you see light, you don’t need additional confirmation; It is obvious what it is. When there is light in VIEW, it is not hard to find the source. This gives new meaning to “let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.” This doesn’t sound complicated. Father inHeaven, You are the Light, help me to “let:” grace to yield, humble service to others.


As morning light breaks, previously obscured details emerge. Light reveals. It is commonly said: “truth hurts.” Yes it does, but not as much as deception. I can’t say that I welcome the truth easily, but ultimately, I love the truth. It washes the soul like nothing else. When it comes bathed in love, well…perfect. YOU LORD ARE LOVE. YOU LORD ARE TRUTH. I’m good with that; very good.


I have never heard God speak audibly, yet I do know His voice. No doubt, He is continuously broadcasting, but there are so many competing voices. My hearing is most acute when I realize that I am in a state of need. How do I ever forget that? He speaks, I die. He speaks again, I live. Lord, I LOVE your voice. Speak to whatever in me that must die, that I may hear and live. I await Your voice.


Happy Angels sang their chorus: “"Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace to men on whom his favor rests." Though they were not those who needed redemption, they compassionately sympathized with mankind’s condition. They gladly descended from their bright seats above to proclaim good news, great joy: “a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord.” Father, may I pronounce the Gospel with angelic joy.


As I consider this past year many things come to mind: I had to let go of dear ones, I walked with many through shadowed valleys, I inwardly flourished in the midst of a dry and thirsty land, I passed through “dark nights of the soul,” I saw welcomed fruitfulness. In the final analysis, I’m inclined to say: Shouts of joy and victory resound in the hearts of the devoted; the LORD has done mighty things!


Each day presents new battles, unforeseen foes lurking just beyond view. There is simply no chance that I can be fully prepared for what awaits. Yet, how sweet the joy that fills my heart; victory rests in the Lord. Come what may, the Lord is my triumph. King of Kings, into Your hands I cast every care. You are my strength O Lord, in the moments of conflict may I ever trust in Your unfailing love.


A stroll on a sandy beach provides hidden treasures placed there by the creative forethought of God. The ebb & flow of tides opens the treasury of the seas. God sees to it that each day, no matter when or where offers the same: hidden treasures. The angels had it right: "Glory to God in the Highest, good will toward men." Lord of Wonders, teach me to pay attention.


God openly invites us into His secret chambers. Nonchalant pride should never characterize my approach to the Holy and Mighty One. Carelessness is an uninvited companion that sometimes accompanies my intimacy with God. Lord, forgive my presumptuousness. May I never abuse Your Goodness by an inappropriate sense of entitlement. High and Lofty One, You are Glorious.


Many seem to struggle with the idea that God works mightily through the ordinariness of everyday life. We hope for mountain top moments or dramatic signs to convince us that the Holy One is paying attention. Yet, it is life itself that is the signature of His work. My very breath is evidence enough of His Divine Activity. O Giver of Life, Thank You for another day of discovery, help me to see Your hand.


The Word of the Lord surrounds us. The universe itself is formed and held in place by God’s declaration. He speaks; there is light. He speaks again; there is mankind. There is no language, no place and no heart where His voice is not heard. Praise to You, O Lord my Maker, my Healer, my Deliverer and my Defender; teach me to hear and to promptly obey your decrees. May Your Word flourish in me.


Diamonds on the driveway. Passing by the front window at daybreak I looked out to see beautiful sparkles spread across the otherwise dull concrete. Upon further examination, it was dew on small leaves reflecting a combination of moonlight and dawning sunlight. Again, God had transformed the ordinary into something resplendent with beauty. King of Majesty, I stand amazed in Your Presence.


Though everything in this world can be shaken, God’s unfailing love never is. Truth administered in His unmitigated love is the only thing that can uncover what is wrong with me. It is also the only thing that can fix me. Lord of Love, thank You for appointing your love and faithfulness to protect me in this life, that I may inherit eternal life. In Your hands I will pass through every tempest in confident peace.


Life is jam-packed with opportunities to grow; there is so much to be learned. Yet, understanding is useless if we are never able to acknowledge truth. Once acknowledged, I must embrace it, put it into practice and be transformed by it. Lord God, You alone are the Fountain of Truth. Grant to me this day a willingness to learn. I confess my ignorance, I await Your instruction.


“Do this in remembrance of me.” These words spoken at the Last Supper are not a merely an encouragement to recall, it is a command to participate. The Table is not reflection alone; it is activation. Christ has died, Christ is risen, Christ will come again. Lord, help me embrace and act upon these realities: grace to fully die, grace to live the risen life, grace to prepare myself and others for Your return.


A bush, fire, dirt…unremarkable things. On a mountainside in Sinai, the ordinary was transfigured into the miraculous. God’s Manifest Presence transformed dirt into sacred ground, a fugitive into a deliverer, a shepherd into a national leader. Father, nothing is ordinary when infused with Your Presence. Help me to “turn aside” in the midst of the commonplace and see Your Glory today.


Those who know little of the supremacy of God's love live in a persistent state of fear. Fear siphons away life. It drains our joy. It is a thief, murderer and destroyer. God's love is constant, purifying, constraining, motivating, healing, forgiving, freeing...perfect. You ARE love, and I may only know You IN love. En...large my capacity to receive Your love and offer freely it to others.


Huge storms throughout the dark of night; superseded by soft, warm light of the morning. This morning prompts my remembrance of God's pattern: dark to light, storms to calm, mourning to dancing. Joy comes in the morning. Yesterday slips away, a new day is dawning. I have never been here before, but You My God have trod... these moments. Cause my steps to land only in Your footprints.


Sleep reminds me of pushing "restart." The screen goes black, silence, then light, whirring, clicking and there it is: a fresh start. God is so smart, though He never sleeps nor slumbers, He knew that we would need to re-boot. Each day, while still carrying the information of the past, offers a new beginning. Lord, I t...hank You and praise You for you indescribable wisdom and nurture, Help me take hold of this new day.