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Happy Father's Day to all you dads out there. One of the greatest privileges of life is the gift of fatherhood. The goodness of God is that fatherhood is not reserved only for those who have natural born children. There are fathers of movements, universities, cities and nations. All good examples of fathers, knowingly or not, point us to our Creator, our Heavenly Father.

I have had many fathers on many levels and today I offer thanks to God for each and every one. I especially want to honor my own sons, Barry, Ben, Brian and Rob. They are, to the man, very good fathers and I am proud of each. My spiritual sons (Sean, Joe, Roger, frankly, too many to mention here, you know who you are) have also been a significant part of shaping my life by drawing me deeper into the blessedness of fatherhood.

I want to first honor my own natural father, James Oliver Williams, who passed when I was but twelve. His life left a powerful impact on my family. I honor my older brothers LaRue and Wayne, who did their best as young men in college, to fill the gap left by my father's loss. I honor my step-fathers Alvin Wood and Gene Drury, were also exceptionally fine men whose mark on my life I still carry. I honor my father-in-law, Jack McCall who has only recently passed became a lifelong part of shaping my own fatherhood. My spiritual fathers, Costa Deir, Russell Linenkhol and Paul Goodwin, passed along  more to my life than I could ever recount.

Lastly, I want to thank all the great fathers in this world. You instruct me, provoke me, inspire me and encourage me to reach higher.

To each and all, Happy Father's Day.

All glory and honor to You Blessed God and Heavenly Father!!


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John Bunyan’s “The Pilgrim's Progress from This World, to That Which Is to Come” is an allegory written while he was imprisoned for his Christian beliefs. Until we reach the Golden Gates of Heaven we must progress in our walk of faith here on earth. Each time I think I understand God’s ways and means He turns the diamond and new facets of His splendor emerge. For the true believer there is no spiking the ball in the end zone on this side of Glory; there is no settling down where we are in this life. Not only am I tolerant of this constantly changing status, I am genuinely thankful for it. I am being pulled toward eternal purpose that I cannot fathom but I instinctively know awaits me. So I’ll keep my shoes on until it’s over. Lord, though I struggle in Your arms, You never let me go. Keep me moving toward Your perfect will. Help me never miss a turn or stop unnecessarily. Keep me progressing toward Your perfect will.


Betrayal by people you care about hurts so deeply because you have to face the fact that they did not value you as much as you had expected. Humanly speaking, the way we love, and the way we wish others would love us is so selfish at its core that it is a constant setup for devastating disappointment. So how do we become betrayal proof? Let’s start with God’s promises, “I will NEVER leave or forsake you”, and “perfect love casts out fear”. So to be loved BY God and to love LIKE God is to become betrayal proof. The combination of having the right perspective and actions is our deliverance from disappointment; only perfect love can protect you. Loving Father, teach me Your ways. Purify both my receiving and giving of perfect love.


Another day is at hand. Family, work, sick friends, urgent needs, the future, world news, weather, past mistakes, a dirty car; my mind is already racing down the straightaway at full throttle. The human soul can be more crowded than the Los Angeles freeway. King David found it necessary to command his own soul to “Bless the Lord.” Seeking God the first thing in the morning and listening to His voice throughout the day lifts the anxiety of constant pressures and sets my heart on the right path. Father, infiltrate every thought that passes through my mind today. LORD, I am Your child and servant, Father, You are the authorized interruption in every moment. May Your Presence percolate through me without restriction.