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I decided to write down thoughts drifting through my mind as I contemplate the passing of another friend. Last week I said goodbye to my last living spiritual father, and this week, a spiritual brother.

These recent passings caused me to cast off from the shallows into deeper waters. As I review my life I can hardly remember the things we all work so so hard to obtain. I remember with some fondness a few, but how many cars have I owned? How many pairs of shoes? How many great meals? I frankly cannot remember, nor does it matter. These things come and go, never to return.

Then it broke through like sunbeams through the clouds: what matters most is slowly being removed from this life and sent to the next. Nothing marks life like family, friends, spiritual mentors and the people we meet. No material thing has formed my character, or held my hand in a crisis. A favorite shirt or vacation spot cannot give wise counsel or offer a listening ear. What has mattered most and has lasting impact is others. What others have done for me and what I have done for others is the only thing of eternal value of this world. So loss of things or opportunities is of little consequence, but loss of people I love is huge.

It now dawns upon me; the best part of my life is pulling away from shore, its swirl sweeping some of the sand from beneath my feet. As people I know and love slip into heaven I feel the sting of separation, but in fact, lose nothing. I understand the ebb and flow of tides; as I stand on the shores of life, what seems gone forever will again be deposited at my feet. In this very moment I realize every present withdrawal of a spiritual person I love is a future deposit beyond the veil. Soon, there will be far more treasure awaiting me there than I have ever known here.

So I must leave this contemplation now, I have some friends to go see.


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“Do not follow the crowd in doing wrong. When you give testimony in a lawsuit, do not pervert justice by siding with the crowd,” Exodus 23:2NIV. Geese fly in formation so they can draft off each other to make flying easier. People do the same. We have a natural tendency to simply follow the herd; it is easier to go with the flow of whatever is popular, faddish or commonly admired. The steep price of a drift-along-lifestyle is the failure to find your divinely created purpose. We are carefully knitted together by the Creator for His specific calling for each of us. We can never rise to God’s best by going along with the crowd. I must continually find that sweet spot of being WITH the crowd but not OF the crowd. Lord, protect me from wandering aimlessly and help me keep my pace in cadence with Yours. Teach me to be comfortable in the gaggle but to be willing to fly at the front of the formation.


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